Sugi Tree - Nasty Woman Bath Potion (Body Scrub)

$18 CAD

Wake up and smell the coffee! We’ve created the ultimate coffee-lover’s bath scrub. Made with exfoliating coffee grinds, this potion will give you fierce ladies all the energy you need to take on the world. Use as a body scrub to rejuvenate your skin and improve blood circulation. Can be used on the face and body. Cocoa powder, included in this formula, offers a scrumptious aroma. Come on ladies, let’s get nasty! Use me in the bath or shower because I'm a bit messy!

Ingredients: coffee grinds, brown sugar, cocoa powder, coconut milk powder, sea salt, vegetable glycerin, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, cinnamon, sweet orange essential oil.

This Bath Potion is vegan!

210 grams inside each pouch

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