Wolf & Pine - Salt Bae - Botanical Soap

$12.97 CAD $22 CAD


Salt Bae has sweet and delicate and uplifting aroma of ylang-ylang, lemongrass and cedarwood. Sea salt and French Pink clay make this bar high in minerals, helping balance skin's natural oil production. This bar lathers luxuriously, making it great for shaving.

Ideal for all skin types.


Allow your soap to dry. Place in ventilated soap dish or on a loofah. Natural soap disintegrates easily when it's drowning in water.



Wolf & Pine create products that are natural, plant-based and nourishing for the mainstream. They believe whole-heartedly in the intrinsic value of well-made things. They don't take themselves too seriously so their products reflect their amazing sense of humour.

Wolf & Pine products are made from the finest cold-pressed oils, botanicals, exotic clays, with emphasis on wildcraft and organic ingredients: harvesting many of these in the dense flora of the boreal forests. Wolf & Pine do not use chemicals, toxins, artificial colours, fragrances or fillers. Every ingredient serves a purpose in the formulations, never compromising on quality

Launched in 2017,  all products are made in Lively, Ontario.

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