We now offer same day delivery! If the item is ordered before 12pm your order will arrive the same day. Anything ordered after 12pm will be placed on the next day's delivery route.

Please note that once your order is dispatched for delivery we are unable to make any changes. You are responsible to double checking your address. Packages will be placed at your front door and you will receive a text notification.  

*Custom items cannot be rushed and are not included in same day delivery.



1. After you have placed an order you will receive an email, this is a confirmation email. The purpose of this email is to notify you that we have received your order on our end and we will begin to work on your order shortly. This email does not indicate that it is ready.


2. We pack in order of how they are received. This means we are unable to rush orders or jump out of queue to pack other orders. This just keeps things fair and running smoothly. Please plan accordingly for special occasions. 


3. Once your order has been packed you will receive a follow up email that your order has been packed and is ready to be picked up. This email might end up in your spam. Please make sure you check your spam around the 24/48 hour mark! 


4. The curbside schedule is Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 5pm. We do not always have staff at the store and therefore cannot accommodate any pickups or drop-offs outside of the curbside schedule.


5. When you arrive please have your ORDER # ready to go. If you are picking up on behalf of someone please make sure you know the last name under which the order was placed and the order number. The order number is the most important information. We are the pick up location for 3 businesses and will need the order number to narrow down what website your placed your order from. Once you are ready Call the store at 403-453-7711. 


6. We will deliver your order to your vehicle or meet you out front, please let us know what you prefer.