Sugi Tree - Cleopatra Milk Bath Potion

$18 CAD

Bathe like an Egyptian Pharaoh. Inspired by Cleopatra's famous milk & honey baths, this potion will leave you with radiant and glowing skin. Lactic acid, found in powdered buttermilk, lightly exfoliates to reveal smooth skin, while honey penetrates the skin for a deeply nourishing and hydrating experience. Infused with fragrant rose absolute and sweet almond oil, this bath will leave you feeling like a Queen.

Ingredients: buttermilk powder, whole milk powder, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sweet almond oil, vegetable glycerin, raw honey, rose absolute, rose otto, dried rose petals, dried rosebuds.

215 grams inside each pouch.

10% of each Sugi Tree Studio purchase is donated to animal rescue.

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