I've been tending to plants for a while now, slowly learning and understanding each of their unique styles and needs. And after recently moving to a new space that has little to no natural sun I’ve been challenged with trying to style my plants in a way that the new conditions wouldn’t affect their growth (no one wants all their plants fighting for space on one windowsill)
When I began flipping through Urban Jungle I was immediately pleased with the overall aesthetic of the book. The ideas were practical, and the interiors were beautifully adorned with wild houseplants hanging, sprouting and creeping across every surface. It was completely aspirational and had me itching to start moving furniture, transplanting plants and decorating my blank space. I began by choosing 3 simple and tasteful styling tips suggested in the book and began my project…
  • Cups, mugs and small vases can be turned into plant pots– I used a small sugar pot for this tiny friend and put him on my dad’s old chess board, next to my hand painted owl
  • Using baskets as planters – I put my palms inside of this basket filled with a plastic liner, it elevated the look of this space and fit well with my California inspired space.
3) DIY T-Shirt Macramé – I used an old t-shirt and scissors…that’s it…actually.

This book was easy to utilize and had photos that would make any plant lover drool. I will be keeping this book at arm’s reach for any and all interior plant questions or inspirations I might be needing in the future.

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