The Livery Shop welcomes our friends, family and guests to attend the grand opening of our new shop in Inglewood! From 11am-6pm we will be celebrating our past and the bright future ahead.
We will be pouring free Rosso drip coffee in the morning, serving delicious True Buch kombucha throughout the day, enjoying live music from local DJ's and offering amazing giveaways (from some of our local faves like PLANT, Routine Cream and more)! Oh, did we mention there will also be a photo booth in the best photo spot in town?! If all that's not enough, you might want to come for the new products and gorgeous architecture and design from our local community.
Sincerest thanks to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far in bringing our new space to life! Did you know that the barn was opened in 2014 by local Calgarians Kofi & Dorian (from CoutuKitsch) and Leslie & Connor (from Camp Brand Goods)? Their love for local goods, quality design and the community brought them together to open the original Livery Shop and we're proud to continue their legacy in our new space across the street from the red barn! 
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