Alright people, we’re about to talk about Tevas, so buckle up cause things are gonna get crazy. 

Tevas have come a long way since 1984, when the first pair was created by attaching two Velcro wristbands to an old pair of flip flops. Today, Tevas are a staple in any outdoor-lover’s wardrobe. They’re ultra light and durable, making them perfect for days spent on the river or a day hike in the mountains.

This season, we’re carrying classic Black Tevas in two styles – the ultra comfy Original Universal and, the even comfier, Original Universal Premier. Both styles are perfect for every day wear and pair seamlessly with your day-to-day essentials, whether it’s your go-to mom jeans or a simple slip dress.

Wearing: Teva - Women's Original Universal Black and CBG - Chasin' Good Times Tee (size small)

Keep it simple, stupid, with a white tee and blue jeans.

Wearing: Teva - Women's Original Universal Premier Black

The Premier comes with a premier price tag, but believe us, the included Responsive Float Lite footbeds are worth it, providing extra cushion and spring in your step. We love the thicker white sole for that little bit of added height and style!

Richer Poorer has been helping people step up their sock game since 2010. Designed in California, Richer Poorer creates high-quality, super styley innerwear for every day. Here are a few of our favourite ways to combine these two Livery faves!

Wearing: Teva - Women's Original Universal Sun and Moon, Richer Poorer - Women's Stitcher Boot Crew Sock in Black, and including Laundry Day - Tanjun Ceramic Pipe

Wearing: Teva - Women's Original Universal Black, Richer Poorer - Men's Paradiso Crew Sock, and including - Work It Out Gym Bag


Wearing: Teva - Women's Original Universal Premier Beach Break Sage and Richer Poorer - Women's Get Lost Ankle Sock


Fresh out the box, check out our newest arrival: the Teva - Women's Original Universal Campo Rosebud!

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading! Check out our entire Teva collection online here and our Richer Poorer selection here.


I wasn’t 100% sure about these, but after looking at this post I’m sold!

Liz June 27, 2018

I had a pair of tevas as a teenager and wore them into the ground. I love the updated style of the black premier.

Kate June 27, 2018

Love the post! I also love me some Teva swag, yaus please!!

Cherishe June 27, 2018

Living for the Tevas!

Shae June 27, 2018

Would love to give these bad boys a try!!

Alana June 27, 2018

i love the night sky sandals!!! so cute

olivia June 27, 2018

Yes please! Socks and sandals, better yet socks and Tevas are a way of life!

Terra June 27, 2018

Those sun and moon Tevas are what dreams are made of! And what’s not to love about socks and sandals (toes can be free and cozy at the same time!)

Willow June 27, 2018

Awesome post! Tevas are literally the comfiest thing and contrary to some people’s beliefs, I think they’re so cute!

Rochelle June 27, 2018

Never owned a pair yet, even when they were big back then …. it’s about time …

Nic R June 27, 2018

love love love my sun and moon tevas! brought them with me to vietnam and they toughed our the rain and sun. i have tan lines now cuter than birk tan lines! would love a black pair too to pair with some funky socks. keep bringing in awesome brands, livery 🤙🏻

clare bennett June 27, 2018

I freaking love Tevas!! Raddest of the rad. Still tryna convince my Mom that socks and sandals is a thing – we’re getting there slowly but surely!!

Taylor June 27, 2018

It would be such a blessing to win a pair !!! such a great article on the brand.

Crystal June 27, 2018

I would love to win some sweet Tevas gear! Great post!!

Lacy Orange June 07, 2018

Ooh! Comfy sandals splattered with 90’s nostalgia, yes please!

Lindsay M June 07, 2018

Love the black premier ones!

Jenny June 07, 2018

Love these sandals!!

Alyson Kuemper June 07, 2018

folks! this was such an informative article. gosh do i love teva swag! wow!

Kevin June 07, 2018

Tevas are my absolute favourite for travelling! They’re so comfortable, super lightweight and easy to pack, and go with everything—whether you dress them down with athletic gear, or dress them up with a flowy skirt. My favs are the Original Black because they go with everything. Love em!

Madison June 07, 2018

I think I prefer the look of sandals and no socks. BUT as someone who prefers to wear socks I think I could get behind this trend

Emily June 07, 2018

Was’nt too sure about socks and sandals (specifically socks and Teva’s) before reading this post, but wow I think you’ve converted me! These Teva’s are truly stylish and definitely staple for my wardrobe!

Jazzy June 07, 2018


Geoff June 07, 2018

Tevas are my new favourite summer sandal! It is the summer of Tevas! #TevaTakeover

Olivia June 07, 2018

Might actually consider socks in my Teva’s after seeing this post. 💛

Leisha June 07, 2018

I want another pair after reading this post!!

Zoe June 07, 2018

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