We love sharing our space with local makers & creators! Here's what we've got going on for the rest of August. 


August 19th: Kindred Thrift

Kindred Thrift is in the house.. well the barn this Saturday. Kindred Thrift takes the time to search thrift stores for gems so you don't have to! Make sure you get over to the Livery Shop to check out their mom jeans, re-worked vintage button ups, and other amazing finds. 




August 20th: Vitality Tap & Farmapothique

Feeling the effects of Saturday night? We’ve got a double dose of delicious healthy options popping up this Sunday. Vitality Tap is a Calgary gem offering healthy bowls, smoothies, and treats. Try their acai bowls at the barn. Kori from Farmapothique will charm you with her passion for healthy smoothie mixes – try some at the barn and take your favourite flavor home with you to mix into your smoothies!



August 26th: Butter Block YYC 

We love Karen’s croissants so much we’ve invited her back for a third time this summer! Her delicious baked goods are available at Monogram Coffee in the city, but you can make a pit stop with us and get them on Saturday the 26th too!



August 27th: Exploring Embroidery

 Give it up to Katelyn for brushing the dust of traditional embroidery and transforming it into unique art pieces. Check out her hoops and necklaces at the Liveyr Shop on Sunday, August 27th.



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