We want to share our ideas on how to provide the best for the mom that provided the rest…and probably needs a rest as well.

Local jewelry company and house brand CoutuKitsch have created the most beautiful pieces to spoil the mothers in our lives.

1. Carefully crafted, the Sienna necklace would be a wonderful addition to the pearl that is your mother. This mother of pearl pendant necklace is 16k gold plated and nickel-free making it beautiful and comfortable to wear.



2. The initial necklace is another unique Coutukitsch staple that conveys endearing thoughtfulness and care. This custom hand stamped 14k gold fill necklace is a fantastic gift and can have extra initial disc’s added to it’s chain, so you can add all your sibling's initials to the same chain. Or take all the credit for yourself and use her initial instead! 



3. The adjustable Abra ring and its earring counterpart are a gorgeous pair to make the mother in your life feel like a Druzy-stoned goddess. Both pieces of gold-plated jewelry are unique in colour and shape and are hypoallergenic.

Make sure to ask for a Coutukitsch gift box to make your gift stand out!


4. Anything comfy, warm and a little cheeky seems like a perfect gift for Mom. For mother’s day we wanted to highlight Camp Brand Goods naturally comforting yet cheeky spirit with the Get Lost graphic. We’ve spotlighted the women’s relaxed tee and the unisex long sleeve.


5. To follow that, it only makes sense that the In It Together collection also gets a mention because if there is anyone who is in it with you, it’s Mom. The best thing about this colourful graphic is that $10 of the tee’s and $20 of the crewnecks go towards Camp fYrefly, Canada's only summer camp for LGBTQ youth. 


6. Sticking with the ultimate comfortability theme, nothing suits every mom’s need to relax like a Jackson Rowe Playsuit. Made in California and of 95% Modal and 5% spandex, these beauties will keep their shape and quality right out of the wash. This low-maintenance material is something every Mom can count on when life gets a little high-maintenance. Check out Jess’s style guide on these awesome closet additions.


7. Move over, mom’s old worn-out fanny pack and make some room for the Matt + Nat Lexi Mini bag. This is an over the shoulder bucket bag with a removable interior pouch, making it perfect for when mom is on the go but still wants to be organized. This gift idea also comes in very fun colours like ruby and koala but also in classic black.


8. We just want the mom’s in our lives to feel appreciated for all they have done for us. A wonderful gift idea to mirror that sentiment is the Lavami Soothe Bath Soak. A relaxing combination of eucalyptus, peppermint leaves and ginger is a wonderful way to say thank you to that special lady in your life.


9 & 10. And of course, the best part of any gift is the little something extra that shows you really do care. Here are some of the great cards you can find at the Livery Shop.

Thanks for checking out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. And don’t you worry, we’ll have some gift ideas for good old Father’s Day in June!



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