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Learning to live sustainably can be tough, especially when things like fast fashion and single-use plastics are seen as the norm. They’re often considered to be more affordable and convenient when in reality, they’re harmful to our environment and are probably costing you a lot more in the long run. So, here’s a small guide from us at The Livery to help you get started!!
Fjällräven Kånken
Fjällräven Kånken
The Kånken backpacks are a colourful summer staple designed with your back in mind. A great alternative to shopping bags, take your Kånken with you when you're checking out local shops or going grocery shopping. Just throw in your wallet and a couple of tote bags, and you’re good to go! These backpacks are also perfect for festivals! All Kånken backpacks come with a foam pad to sit on while you watch your favorite shows. Bonus points for the Re-Kånken, which is made out of recycled materials!
Whether you’re a water or an iced coffee drinker, stay cool and hydrated this summer with Corkcicle drinkware. Boasting 8 hours hot and 25 hours cold, Corkcicle’s Canteen comes in a sleek, minimal design, with colours that are just as good looking. The Tumbler is the perfect size for iced coffee (same as a Starbucks Grande if you were wondering!) and the sliding lid covers a hole that perfectly fits a metal straw. Both styles are triple-insulated, have flat sides for an easy grip, and a silicone bottom so they won’t slide off your desk too easy. They’ll be sure to last you a long time!
(P.S. Because it's summer, Corkcicle and Fjallraven Kanken are on sale!!)
Vintage and Sustainable Fashion
Vintage Clothing
The best way to dress sustainably is through thrifting!
At The Livery we have classic pieces curated by both Kindred Thrift as well as the girls at the shop. With anything from Wrangler’s to Ralph Lauren, you’ll be sure to find a unique piece for your closet. But hey! Thrifting isn't everyone's thing, it can take a lot of commitment to find the perfect piece. As an alternative, brands like Patagonia make sure they are sustainable as possible by using recycled or sustainably sourced materials. They also give back to the planet through social and environmental programs! What’s not to love?
If you’re ever in doubt, shop local! There are many great consignment and vintage stores (as well as pop-ups) in Inglewood and around the city. Curated shops like us often carry brands that are conscious about their products and environmental footprint, we want you to look good but we want you to feel good too! When you’re just starting out, every little bit counts, and we hope this guide helped!
Until next time!

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