Blooming with the nostalgic feelings of Sunday morning plant shopping, Plant is re-invigorating Y.Y.C gardens errrywhere. Knowledge and style grow in abundance as you walk through the front doors of this Inglewood treasure.

Locally localizing our fair city is done just right by the Meraki Supply Co. Their dedication to showcasing Calgary's quality adventure goods makes them one of the hippest places to be. Their Instagram feed is filled to the rafters with featured photographers, awesome Y.Y.C events and of course, the quality goods we all pine for. If you're in Kensington, be sure to check their shop out.

Thank you Daquan for producing material that will crown us the funniest friend in the group chat.

Caution** If you scroll through Food by Maria's gram of digestible pleasure, be sure to have a full stomach or suffer the consequences of hunger FOMO. This feed is so delectably delicious, you'll have to wipe the drool marks from your screen. Not to mention, the recent collaboration with Camp has given camping food a sexy little make-over.

Danni Bauer, the Great Dane of Dog Dancing has the ultimate Dogma for Dawgs. If you're having a ruff day or you've ended up in the doghouse, Royal Grumble's feed will soothe all your worries with that unconditional puppy love. As we head into the dog days of summer, it may be time for your best friend to gain a grumble of best friends with this pet service.... And if you're lucky, Danni might even show you the best ice-breaking handshake that ever was.

The Garment Life does a beautiful job of pairing ethical responsibility with classic style while in the pursuit of a curated closet. Creator, Morgan Hamel, provides a resource that promotes women to connect with ethical clothing companies while creating a perfect capsule closet. What's even better, is that Morgan is starting this revolution right here in Y.Y.C as she brings the community closer together, one garment at a time.

Oh Allison Seto, you sweet ray of Calgarian sunshine. Thank you for allowing us to see Y.Y.C through your spectacular lens. Your passion for music, the Canadian landscapes and the community are heavily felt through your still memories. You are an artist that this city is always proud to support as you capture the stunning details we forgot were even there.

It's a jolting experience to lose your breath at the sight of an incredible photograph. Perfect angles, gorgeous colours and fabulous adventures are only the tip of this photographers iceberg. As you said Chris, "in a world where it's more popular to talk than to truly listen",
we are all ears for you.


And as my mother always says, you can not truly love someone until you love yourself. So yes... this is a shameless plug highlighting our very own wonderfully, charming feeds. <3




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