In case you were wondering, this is where we got our start!

The Livery Shop is owned and operated by two brands that got their start locally in Calgary, AB. Camp Brand Goods (est. 2011) is an adventure apparel company inspired by the Canadian Rockies and exploring the outdoors. CoutuKitsch (est. 2010) is a handmade and locally curated jewelry line inspired by precious gemstones, vintage metals, and bold statements. 


These brands met hustling on the Market circuit and decided to collaborate on a workspace where they could build their companies. Both companies operate in studio space behind the scenes at our shop. Out of this studio, The Livery Shop was conceptualized and has grown into a platform to showcase quality product and exciting local makers.

Stop by and say hi to them and their trusty sidekicks Brutus, Otis, and Wellington!


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