This guide is for all the foodies in your life, so pretty much applicable to everyone.
We’re kicking off the list with an obvious choice – the cookbook. We have two series that are equally filled with amazing recipes, but have two completely different vibes. The first is Forest Feast. We have the original, as well as the “Gatherings” edition. The visuals in this book are so beautiful, it could really double as a coffee table book. Perfect for any vegetarian in your life, most recipes are super simple and only requiring a small handful of ingredients.
Moving to the edgier option – we have the Thug Kitchen cookbooks. Thug Kitchen invites you to “eat like you give a f*ck” and includes over 100 recipes per book. Not only that, it includes a bunch of info and techniques on how to shop on a budget. Check out these guys for some #foodinspo.

Speaking of #foodinspo, the kitchen is really your oyster when you are equipped with the Camp Brand Goods Spice Kits. A collab with our Inglewood neighbour, the Silk Road Spice Merchant, these kits include 5 of your essential spices in two versions - the Original and the Veggie Lovers. The original kit includes the Driftwood BBQ Rub and the Bow River Fish Blend spices, while the veggie kit includes the Sweet Yellow Curry Powder and the Frontera Tex-Mex Seasoning. But do not fret because your sweet tooth has not been forgotten, the amazing Apple Pie Spice is included in both. Inspired by the famous words of our girl group idol, we are positive that these kits will flippin “spice up your life”. 


Next is a Livery fan favourite – The Chili Lab Homemade Hot Sauce Kit. This kit includes everything you need to create your own hot sauce right from home. It has two secret blends of dried chilis that go beyond the generic brands that you may be used to. Get your Hot Sauce kit here.


Last on our list is for those who love poutine and aren’t afraid to show it. Poutine is sexy and you know it. The Fair Goods Poutine Patch is a great way to declare your love of the Canadian delicacy. Get your poutine on here.


And that’s it! Thanks for checking out our list! We still have a ton of great gift ideas coming your way - be sure to keep check back soon!

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