These are the gifts we’ve curated for all the happy hour enthusiasts in our lives.


The holidays are always filled with a ton of travel, whether it’s flying home to visit the family or a tropical getaway, the Carry On Cocktail Kit is a perfect carry-on for any flight. These travel-friendly kits include everything you need to create two cocktails of your choice, from the classic G+T to a savoury Bloody Mary. Shop cocktail kits here.


Next is a household necessity with a twist – the Livery bottle opener! The handles of these are all made from real stone, making each one completely unique. Throw these in a stocking or easily add them to any gift.



Third on our list is “Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails”. From the creators of The Mason Shaker, comes the cocktail bible. Not only will you learn about the essential supplies you need to stock your bar with, but you’ll also get the most delicious cocktail recipes, all wrapped up in one book. This is definitely a cocktail enthusiasts dream. Shop Shake here.




Fourth on the list is the flask. The Livery carries two awesome flasks for you to choose from. First is the Copper Flask, the most stylish way to have your favourite beverage with you at all time. Second, is the Stanley Classic Flask – probably the sturdiest flask of all time. There’s obviously no wrong choice here. Shop copper flasks here. And Stanley flasks here.


Fifth is The Barrel Aged Spirits Kit – the quickest way to age your favourite spirit. This kit includes two honeycombed, charred-oak barrel staves that you can throw right in the bottle. Try it with gin, vodka, or white rum! Barrel Aged Spirits Kits are shopable here.


Last on our list is a Livery fave, the Peak Ice Works Ice Cube Trays. Whether you’re using it for  cocktails or the “maybe this round I’ll have a water ” water, these cubes are sure to turn all your liquids up a notch and impress all of your guests. The large size is aesthetically on point AND functional, keeping your drinks colder for longer. The tray itself is also a dream, blocking out all unwanted smells from your freezer and making transporting super easy. Ice Cube trays are here.


So there’s our list! We hope this helped you out and don’t forget to check back for our next guide

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