For your favourite bud who loves that legal bud, here is a collection that will make their favourite hobby just a little more kush.
First up in this collection is our newest Camp Brand Good's addition, the Evergreen Heritage Toque. This 100% acrylic, super comfortable wardrobe staple will match the deep green aura circling your friend.
Camp Brand Goods Heritage Toque in Evergreen - $30 In-Store Only.
Next, a decadent treat from our friends over at Squish Candies in Montreal. Although these Magic Mushrooms don't contain any drugs, they will still get you high off their pure deliciousness and vibrant design.
Magic Mushroom Squish Candy - $6.50
In order for your pal to really become a marijuana expert, our "How To Smoke Pot (properly)" book is a perfect guide to broaden their ganja knowledge. Packed with insightful tips and weed's extensive history, this is a fantastic tool to have.
"How to Smoke Pot (properly)" Book - $22
Next, we want your friend to be looking fly while getting high. The Long Boy Pipe by Nord Pipes will surely do the trick. With its soft texture and modern design, this truly is a device made for the Cannabis Connoisseur.
The Long Boy Pipe - $40
The ugliest part of smoking dope is always the ashtray. Thankfully, Toronto's Nightshift Ceramics has created the most elegant, adorable tray to dispose your ashes in. Show your friend you care about their pot game and help them step it up with one of these cuties.
Nightshift Ceramic Ashtray - $32
To wrap it all together, treat your friend to a Tobacco Rose Reed Diffuser from Nootka & Sea. Made in Squamish B.C, these organic diffusers will clear up any lingering smells while filling the air with the gorgeous scent of roses.
Tobacco Rose Reed Diffuser - $36
**Don't forget we are giving away ALL of our gift guides on December 24th - make sure you enter to win on our Instagram!
Photos by Cassandra Boland


What a great little gift guide! Love the tones in these photos

Gillian Taylor December 12, 2018

@dominicanicanica yaaaas this gift is siiick

Dominica Nemec December 12, 2018

Love these ready to buy gift sets and taking all the hard part out of the holidays away!

Krista December 12, 2018

I seriously need all of this! Now I know where to shop for Secret Santa for the Four20 team! :)

Amber December 12, 2018

What a lovely gift set! Or maybe a gift for myself…

Meghan December 12, 2018

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