Oh June, sun’s out, the grass is growin’ and Dad’s out there mowin’ with his socks and sandals showin’.

This Father’s Day at the Livery Shop is a special one. Kofi and Connor, co-owners of the Livery Shop, are our new in-house dad’s and we asked them a few questions about their special role. In addition to these heartwarming interviews, we have Father’s Day gift ideas inspired by these wonderful memories.

What is the most memorable Father’s Day you've had?

Connor: “My Dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was in my late teens. The initial outlook wasn't good but after a year-long battle he beat the odds and he's still here today! Cancer really taught my family not to take life for granted. I really cherish every minute I get to spend with my Dad, so every father’s day is memorable as is any quality time with the old man.”

Kofi: Most memorable Father's day I ever had was when my Father took us to Ghana in 2002.  Just being with him in Africa during Fathers day solidified the fact that he would always be there for me.  Just a special feeling”

What are you most excited for about fatherhood?

Kofi: “Excited to help teach my child all life's lessons so she/they could be prepared for the real world.”

Connor: “Having a little buddy to adventure with and show the world too!”

What is something your father has taught you that you will teach your kids?

Kofi: To be a leader. To take be empathetic. To always put family first.”

Connor: “My Dad is one of the most compassionate and caring people I know. He always puts others before himself and I hope I can do the same and pass that along.”

What is or what do you think will be the most rewarding thing about being a dad?

Connor: “I'm sure it will be watching a little human grow and develop into their own person and change the world!”

Kofi: “Gaining patience, understanding, and creating lasting memories”

In what ways will you intentionally embarrass your children?

Kofi: Hahahahahah.. wait and see”

Connor: “Oh I don't know yet but there will be many!”


For a Dad like Connor’s who is always patching everyone up , we suggest the multi-pocketed and stylish Duer Adventure Pant alongside the ever so comfortable Camper’s Crewneck. Might as well throw in the Stanley Flask, just in case he needs to sterilize anything.

Shop: Duer Adventure 2.0 Pant in Charcoal, Campers Crewneck, and Stanley Flask. 

For a Pop like Kofi’s we suggest the Patagonia Snap T and a pair of Teva Sandals. These items are perfect tools for the ultimate leader  protecting his family through their adventures. For the man who has fatherhood on lock, we added the Coutukitsch Men's Key necklace. 


Shop: Patagonia Snap T, Universal Premier Tevas, CoutuKitsch Necklace in-store only. 

We couldn’t forget about the rest of the Livery Team, so here are a few more of our favourite people and their favourite moments with their dad.

Leslie’s Favourite Memory: “My dad has the largest collection of taxidermied trout in the world, so my entire childhood was dedicated to that collection.  We'd set out every single summer in the truck and camper in search of the next trout for the collection. We traveled all over North America just having the best time ever.  Hiking, swimming, playing on the beach and in the forest, and of course a little fly fishing here and there honestly made for the best childhood ever. Now that I'm about to be a mother I hope I can offer my child half as fun of a childhood as my parents provided for me.”

For a Padre like Les’s we suggest these two eye-opening books. “Wildside: The Enchanted Life of Hunters and Gatherers” or “50 Things To Do With A Penknife”. Chances are he’ll figure out at least 50 more things to do with that penknife.

Lily’s Favourite Memory:My fave memory of my dad was when I was younger, he would always take me to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller because 5 year old me was super determined to become a paleontologist (I did technically become a zoologist/paleoanthropologist).

For a father like Lily’s we suggest providing him with a handsome new pair of Raen’s Polarized Benson Sunglasses. He’ll need them while he is watching over his very bright shining star.

Shop: RAEN Wiley Sunglasses and RAEN Benson Sunglasses


Lauren’s Favourite Memory: When I was 11 years old, my mom and dad and I spent the summer travelling across Canada and the U.S. in our fifth wheel. I would have to say this was the most memorable summer of my life, and my favourite summer with my parents. My dad and I planned out the locations we wanted to travel to and experience, and we had an absolute blast. And we enjoyed every minute of each other’s company.

The best days I’ve had with my dad more recently have been on our back deck in Banff barbecuing and having a few drinks by the fire, or playing golf in B.C. and Maui. The simplest of activities make for great memories with the best dad in the world! Thanks for all the good times dad! You truly are the greatest :)

For a papa like Lauren’s we suggest a Stanley Classic Growler for brews on the back deck and the book “Hit the Road” in order to let the ideas for the next adventure flow.

Shop: Stanley Growler and Hit The Road. 

Cyd’s Favourite Memory:My favourite memory of my Dad and I were our early mornings grabbing hotcakes at Mcdonalds before my strenuous hockey practices. They were the hardest things to wake up for but I yearned so badly to impress him with my dedication and skill. Regardless of my score-less seasons, he was always standing off to the side, soaking in the good ole game and cheering me on whole-heartedly.”

For an Ole Man like mine we suggest a Stanley Vacuum mug for that early morning double double and a Corkcicle Cigar Glass for a late night enjoyable. We’d even go the extra mile and add in the W&P Single sphere ice mold.

Shop: Cigar Glass, Sphere Ice Cube Mold, and Stanley Vacuum Mug.


Thanks so much for reading! We hope you've got some ideas for dad from our stories and suggestions! 

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