It’s a hard-rock life but Playfield. Co is making it much better
Andy Nguyen and Diego Arenas are two of the most down-to-earth, big-hearted, feel-good humans you'll ever meet. And they co-founded a company with that exact same personality.
In 2016, combining the vision of creating a quality uni-sex jewellery product with their undeniable charitable nature, Diego and Andy built Playfield. Co. The mission they have set out to accomplish is to encourage awareness of social and environmental issues, both globally and locally.
In doing so, they have associated themselves with multiple organizations across Canada that are striving to put some good back into our communities. With each unique piece sold, Playfield. Co donates 10% of their profits to one of their charitable relationships. Locally, Playfield Co. has teamed up with Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids to ensure we are caring for the health of our growing youth.
Brown Bagging for Calgary Kid's is a local organization that provides free lunches for approximately 4,200 students, who without their help would be starving. They are currently in 215 schools across Calgary, ensuring that the kids have their basic needs to flourish for their future. Each lunch costs $1 to make and Playfield Co. is just making it that much easier to help out.
Playfield. Co also contributes to another important local organization. Tree Era is a Calgarian company determined to reduce the carbon footprint of individuals and businesses by community-funding the planting of trees. By planting trees, we are able to fight the good fight against the severe effects of climate change.  
We are honoured and excited to have provided 204 meals and planted 20 trees through our Playfield sales in 2017. 
Get your rocks on!
Playfield. Co knows quality. This is why they are involved in every step of the bracelet making-process. Their pieces are handmade in Canada by their hardworking team and the stones are found in Southeast Asia. Each stone possesses it’s individual beneficial properties to illuminate your special qualities. Their wood bracelets are Bayong wood found in the Philippines. The wood is repurposed from buildings that were destroyed in tropical storms.
These two new beauties have found a home at the Livery Shop
This piece is holds the purest of the heart chakra stones. Pink Tourmaline is the embodiment of the yin energies and encourages feelings of love and relaxation. This gemstone is known to help heal old wounds. Playfield. Co thoughtfully sources their Tourmaline from Indonesia with the intention of supporting the local artisan industry which directly supports their economy.
This incredible throat chakra stone, sourced from Indonesia, holds properties that encourage the pursuit of expressing your true self. Abolishing the fear of judgement, Amazonite’s essence is a powerful healer and radiates the idea that “ Sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can begin to find yourself.” It’s no wonder why Playfield. Co has made this a member of it’s incredible roster.
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