The Story of Pink House...
In 2013, Karen Sjoberg was diagnosed with breast cancer and while in the process of recovery, was appalled by the amount of chemicals in her health products at the time. Determined to discover a natural and organic alternative to beauty products, Karen and her sister, Tracy experimented tirelessly in their kitchen.

Following their success, the sisters created Pink House, named for the house they all grew up in that was unintentionally painted a vibrant pink instead of taupe.

Karen's battle with cancer came to an end when she passed away in August 2015. Now, her legacy flows through Pink House as Tracy and Karen's two daughters, Tegan and Lindsay continue to grow the company, developing 100% natural products that perfectly fit their mother's original philosophy.

Now the goods you've been waiting for...

The Raspberry Face Lotion
Made with freshly brewed organic raspberry green tea and infused with botanical extracts of rosemary, olive leaf, cucumber peel and blackberry.* This face lotion will moisturize and rejuvenate your beautiful skin.

Testing notes: It feels like rubbing delicious raspberry yogurt all over your face on a Sunday morning... except you don't have to explain yourself to your roommate as she slowly backs out of the room and closes the door.

Dry Shampoo - Blondie or Hot Chocolate
This vegan, non-scented dry shampoo will save your hair style if you are on the go and between washings. This all natural hair saver is perfect if you're in the midst of a travel day and need a little pick me up.

Testing Notes: Day 4 ... still no signs of washing hair anytime soon... used Pink House Dry Shampoo again .... they don't suspect a thing.

Glow Stick - Copper/Ice/Rose/Rose Gold 
These wonderful organic glow sticks have a natural shimmer to them that will give your look an extra pinch of radiance. This glow stick can be applied to your cheeks, eyes and lips and can be layered or mixed with the other colours.

Testing notes: Dear Journal, I've been stranded on this Island for a month now. It's a good thing my Pink House glow sticks are 100% organic and natural because after my bottom-of-the-purse granola bar ran out, I started eating the glow sticks. I have just enough Ice apply for one more day... wait... I see a ship....and they see my natural glow from miles away....

Mad Bug Spray
Say hello to this chemical- free, essential oil- filled bug spray and say goodbye to those pesky visitors. This spray will keep you smelling super fresh without that sticky residue ruining your flow. 
Testing Notes: While camping this past Canada Day weekend, we noticed our food rations were disappearing at an alarming rate. To our surprise, we found a toddler-sized mosquito just chilling beside our camp, eating all our food. Luckily, I packed our Pink House Mad Bug Spray, gave him a little eco-friendly spray and he packed up and left. Worked out nicely, as I also forgot deodorant and used the bug spray to keep smelling fresh for the rest of the weekend. 

You can learn more about Pink House here.

Photo Credit: 1: Chantel Marie, 2,3,4,5: The Livery Shop

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