From Toronto to Calgary, city maps are in store! Neighbourhood Print coming at
yeah with all the minimalist vibes. Printed on thick matte cardstock, these are sure to be long lasting and ready for framing.
Calgary Neighborhood Print
John F. Gerrard is a Calgary-born visual artist, whose practice is invested in the exploration of the mind. Emphasizing the mingling of the use of irregular forms and
repetition, John’s abstract compositions engage us at one level, chaotic in character, and on the other, balancing in proportion. Reflecting “an energy and illusion of movement,” we can find ease in the mess.
Close up
One of our fan favorites is one of John’s Crowd drawings – Crowd #6 depicting a
sea of unique human-like marks.
Close up Neighborhood Print
Printed in an edition of 100 on fine art rag paper using archival pigment-based
Words from the artist:
“The crowd series in particular, is a celebration of the community of self, and
the spirit of interconnection. From far away there is an abstract shape that can
function much like a cloud does. Up close they are personified marks - quick
gestures that are each unique, but point to some sort of whole.”
Wall print
Be sure to check out his other ink-based works such as “Stay on the Horse,” and
“Mike The Mountie” all here, at the red barn!

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