In the Beginning there was a powerful female who earned powerful knowledge...

Leaves of Trees is the blooming business that stemmed from Dr. Roohi Quershi's incredible background of knowledge. She began her educational journey with a degree in medicine where she continued onto to a masters degree in Chemical engineering. Along with all of her experience she is also a landscape painter, a textile designer and the most delicious of all her accomplishments, a certified Le Cordon Bleu pastry chef. So with this mosaic of knowledge, how could you not start a health revolution with high-quality, organic and ethically sourced materials. Dr. Quershi got the inspiration for Leaves of Trees by listening to the queries and issues her closest friends were having with their health products. This is when her extensive science background blended with her passion for beautiful designs.


Dr. Quershi began the LoT entity experimenting in her Toronto condo while exposing her brand at small markets. As good products typically do, Leaves of Trees was picked up by some popular blog sites, sparking the online store and eventually a move to a bigger and better in-house production space. You can find the Leaves of Trees headquarters buzzing on Queen St, one of downtown Toronto's cultural hubs. As the company's vision grows as does their dedication to environmental and humanitarian awareness. Leaves of Trees is and always will be 100% cruelty-free and they are a member of PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies program. They are also proud to have signed the Beautiful Pledge with Environmental Defence, ensuring their products exclude the ten common toxic ingredients. Dr. Roohi Quershi is a very diligent researcher and encourages her customers to inquire about what they are applying to their bodies.


The Argan Revolution...

One of Dr. Roohi Quershi's most inspiring initiatives is how Leaves of Trees source their Argan Oil. This ingredient is organic, unrefined and comes directly from a women's cooperative on the east coast of Morocco. The women collect Argan tree nuts and proceed to hand-grind them using traditional and chemical-free ways. This process is incredibly arduous as it takes about twenty hours for one women to produce one litre of Argan oil. So, while in pursuit of sourcing high-quality products, Dr. Quershi simultaneously ensured financial stability for the women she was inspired by.  Though the story behind the Argan oil is an encouraging one, the product itself is just as effective. Argan oil is rich with Vitamin E and Vitamin A which nourish skin amongst side anti-oxidants to protect the skin from free-radicals. Argan oil is also an intensive moisturizer when applied as a hair and scalp treatment. The Argan oil can be found in ninety-five percent of the Leaves of Trees catalogue.

The Rest of the Calvary...

Our team at the Livery Shop or as I like to call us Liveryshoparians (don't think this will stick) thought we could share our love for some of the Leaves of Trees products we carry in store!

Jess's fave is the Coffee Argan Butter, $18.

" it's hella silky and doesn't just sit on top of the skin like other lotions. Like, it actually gets in there, ya know? It also smells like an authentic, fresh morning cuppa coffee. What's not to love?!?!??!"


Jen's fave is the Headache Balm, $10.

" The enticing mixture of lavender and peppermint hits you right in the smeller. Adding it to your temples provides an instant soothing relief and the smell alleviates my stress. P.S heading to Europe for 3 months soon so pretty stressed. P.P.S I have a lavender tattoo so I know my lavender."

Weslie's (name change due to local teen heartthrob status) fave is the Unscented Argan Lotion, $13.

" it is a good sized tube for moisturizing when you are on-the-go during the dry winters in Calgary. I like it because it's not greasy which enables me to efficiently resume all my heartthrob activities."


Alexa's fave is the Pink Grapefruit Argan Lotion, $18.

" don't quote me this may be wrong, a science man, perhaps Bill Nye once told me that grapefruit is really good for lifting your mood plus this lotion isn't overwhelming but it still does the trick!"


Cyd's fave is the Discovery Kit, $15 which contains 5ml tubes of: Brightening Face Mask, Coffee Argan Scrub, Pink Grapefruit Argan Lotion, Olive Argan Butter, Lavender Tangerine Deodorant

"Personally, I think this is the best way to introduce yourself to Leaves of Trees. Honestly, this little pack has helped me out of some pretty smelly situations."

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