First Step: Acknowledge that Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away..

Second Step: Feel a slight increase in heart rate as you realize you do not have any idea what you’re going to give the apple of your eye.

Third Step: Receive extreme feelings of relief as we hand you the perfect gift guide for this wonderful Valentine’s/Palentine's Day.

Below is a handcrafted gift guide that has been thoroughly researched and tested by our Livery team. Our personal studies have provided conclusive evidence that yes, you will be crowned Valentine’s Day gift-giving royalty and that by using this guide you will be spreading the little extra love this world needs right now.


V-Day is the perfect opportunity to get your bae a personalized piece from CoutuKitsch, like the consistently coveted Initial Necklace. It’s the type of necklace that looks beautiful worn alone for a minimalistic look or can be layered with pretty much anything. Get her initial, your initial, her dog’s initial, or, our latest addition, the cutest lil mountain range stamped onto any necklace. These beauties are available in a 14K gold fill or rose gold!

Coutu Stacking Rings are also best sellers all year round. No matter what the combination, these guys always manage to look amazing together. Whether you’re going for a more minimal look or something a little more extra, Coutu Stacking Rings are a definite go-to. Pictured (left to right): Sena in Rose Gold, Alix in Rose Gold, Elex, and Aria.

Just a friendly reminder that the Livery is always stocked with all the CoutuKitsch pieces you could ever dream of and we’d be happy to help you find the right one!




Next up on our list is our other Livery Love – Camp Brand Goods. Whether you’re going out for a V-Day adventure or chillin on the couch, it doesn’t get more comfy than a Camp crewneck. We personally feel that matching with your bestie is the best way to show your infinite love for each other. Pictured here is IRL couple, Cozy and Renee, bein’ cute in their Camp crews.


Now let’s talk about setting the mood. Candles are an obvious necessity. We have an array of different scents from Sydney Hale that are sure to be the perfect companion to any rendezvous that may be happening this V-Day. These small-batch soy candles keep your space smelling seductive for 50-60 hours and also burn clean and even. This means you don’t have to worry about inhaling any weird chemicals whilst serenading your V-Day partner with Justin Timberlake’s entire discography.




Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like Coutu and Kitsch or Camp and Brand Goods. They even go together like my severe chocolate addiction and all of my feelings. However, V-Day specifically lends itself as an excuse to consume even more chocolate than the average day. Compartes makes small-batch, gourmet chocolate bars in unique flavours like Cereal Bowl, Coney Island, and Donuts and Coffee.


Treat yoself like the beautiful spirit you are this V-Day with the Sugi Tree bath potions. They magically transform your bath into a mystical oasis without the use of any harmful ingredients or chemicals. We’ve got an assortment of potions that will make your bathing experience out of this world. Our personal favourites are Unicorn Dust and Vitamin Sea.



This next item is a true Livery obsession – the Herbivore Jasmine Body Oil. This lightly fragranced oil will leave your skin ultra-hydrated and is the perfect excuse for a V-Day massage from bae. Made from pure, natural botanical oils, it’ll leave you glowin’ and easy goin’.



Make your V-Day a little spicier with The Homemade Hot Sauce Kit - a super simple and fun activity to do with your bestie. Not only will you have a wonderful experience to share, but you’ll have two new uniquely flavored hot sauces that put the generic brands to shame.




Whatever your Palentine’s Day entails, it could probably use a couple drinks, specifically some Coconut Lime Margaritas by BarCountry Cocktails. They’re as easy as they are delicious – just add water and spirits and you’ve got yourself four premium cocktails for four premium pals.



And last but not least, you’ll need the perfect card to complete your perfect gift. Whether you’re looking for something a lil sweet or a lil cheeky – we’ve got ya covered.



Pins and patches are an easy add-on to any gift and can give it that extra something something. Pictured here are some of our favourites.

As the expression goes “seeing is believing” so we implore you to come down to the Livery Shop and check out all of our collections in person. Just be careful because we know love is in the air and you may fall head over heels for these wonderful gifts.

With that, we conclude our V-Day Gift Guide! Thank you so much for reading! We hope you got a few new gift ideas. Sending you lots of love this V-Day from the Livery fam. 



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