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The Livery Shop was originally located in a historic building in the community of Inglewood in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The idea of a workshop and show room appealed to two local companies, CoutuKitsch Jewelry, and Camp Brand Goods Apparel, who's owners became fast friends on the local Calgary market circuit. In November of 2014, the four owners opened The Livery Shop inside of the old Livery Stable. What began as a show room with a few items grew into a space that supports local artisans and brings in the best of the best independent brands that range from our backyard to around the world. 

After many years of success, The Livery Shop has moved directly across the street in June of 2019 to a new modern shop run by General Manager, Makenzi, and her super talented (and smiley) team. The shop has since blossomed into a renown location for tourists and locals looking for unique, local and ethical products. We pride ourselves on the fresh feel of our store that is truly a piece of art in itself and make sure everyone is welcome!



The CoutuKitsch collection is curated and hand crafted using a combination of old meets new through vintage supplies, precious metals, and beautiful gemstones. CoutuKitsch prides itself on creating a contrast that is, unexpected, beautiful, and ultimately unique. Dorian Kitsch and Kofi Oteng have been in the jewelry biz for over 5 years now. 

What started as a hobby in late 2010, quickly blossomed into a second job for Dorian. After a couple years of working the trade show circuit with Kofi by her side, she was able to leave her desk job to focus on CoutuKitsch full time. After 1 year as a full time jewelry designer, the work became too much for one person to handle. It was at that time that Kofi left his desk job to help run the business and there was no turning back for this duo. Fast forward a couple years, countless farmers markets and trade shows later, the pair outgrew their 'home office' and embarked on their greatest journey yet - The Livery Shop with two additional (and amazing) operations and curation team members, Alexa and Linds. 

'Coutu’ is a family name representing Dorian's Metis heritage and pronounced ‘kuh-too’. ‘Kitsch’ is her surname coming from her father’s stepfather.



Camp Brand Goods hails from the foothills of the Canadian Rockies and you can find their products keeping people warm around evening bonfires, under the diamond filled night sky and inside your favourite mountain town taverns. Whether it's a summertime bike ride, a lazy Sunday morning walk with man's best friend, or a weekend in the mountains, you can trust us to keep you comfortable wherever you chose to go.

Camp Brand Goods is owned and operated by husband and wife team Connor and Leslie Gould, and runs with the help of their fantastic operations team consisting of a mighty duo - Cyd and Lily. In true grassroots style, Camp was first established in 2011 where they gained a lot of traction at local pop-up markets and quickly transitioned to opening up shop online, and in The Livery Shop.

To make their products, we use super soft, premium materials and timeless, classic cuts which outlast the fast-fashion trends. All of our clothing is ethically sourced and produced in WRAP-certified environments, meaning they are certified safe, lawful, humane & ethical. All of their screen printing is done in Calgary, Canada. 

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